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Bamboo Stay Dry Liners

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    The joy you get from using cloth diapers and saving thousands of dollars is slightly lessened when you have to scrub poop off a cloth insert before throwing it in the washer.

    Thank goodness you have the services of 2 unemployable aerospace engineers who readily spend time trying to solve your poop related quandaries.

    With our amazing Bamboo Stay-Dry Liners cleaning poop will actually become enjoyable. I understand the gravity of that statement- cleaning poop and enjoyable haven’t been used in the same sentence before in recorded human history, but allow me to justify it:

    Bamboo Goodness: Our re-usable nappy liners are made of 50% Bamboo Viscose and 50% Wicking Polyester Mesh.
    Natural: The soft bamboo absorbs liquid readily and is soft against the baby’s delicate skin. Bamboo is also naturally deodorizing, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.
    What the Wick? The wicking polyester mesh diffuses moisture in the cloth diaper below and wicks the wetness away.
    Increase Absorbency: You increase the overall absorbency of your cloth diaper when you use our bamboo liners as the moisture is spread-out over a larger area making it easier for the fabric to absorb.
    Reduce Leaking: More absorption; less leakage.
    Just the Right Size: Each bamboo liner measures 12 in x 5 in (30 cm x 13 cm) and will fit in any cloth diaper.
    Lightweight: Unlike fleece liners that add bulk to a diaper, our liners are lightweight and won’t weigh down a diaper.
    Travels in Packs: Our bamboo nappy liners come 5 in a pack and each liner is a different color.



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    1. loooooOove the bamboo inserts

      at first I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with these but once I found out and used them they were a lifesaver .. really not needed for watery newborns or breastfed exclusive babies but once my son started eating solids these were a blessing. The poo rolls/wipes right off these liners ! So glad I have these . on 17th Jul 2018

    2. wonderful addition

      These liners make a wonderful addition to lilhelper diapers. They make cleaning off poop so much easier! They also help to disperse wetness and I've noticed my LO isn't so saturated in the front. They are easy care/wash and actually stay put in the diaper. I use them most of the time now! on 23rd May 2018

    3. helps with the mess

      These really help big time with the mess. I just wish they were bigger so the poop doesn’t leak into the inserts... on 13th Mar 2018

    4. Where have these been all my (cloth diapering) life?!

      I ordered a set of these with my trial pack because I was tired of dropping super heavy water soaked prefolds that I was spraying off. With these things, most of the poo just slides right off, and it's a bajillion times easier to spray off a thin liner than to soak a bamboo prefold and have to wring it out.

      My only minor gripe is that they aren't a little tapered at the back end to catch more (my boy has a big booty and sometimes the liner doesn't catch all of his mess) but even then, I seldom have to spray my prefolds nearly as much as I did before the liners. And I certainly don't have to water-log them like I did before. I plan on picking up some more packs in the future.
      on 1st Feb 2018

    5. Minimizes Mess

      I love these liners! They add great absorbency and pull the moisture away from my baby even better than just the charcoal inserts. The reason I really like them is because when my sweet little baby has ridiculous poop, the liners lift out of the diaper easily and I can dump the poop without a problem. It’s easier than carrying the whole diaper to the toilet/trash can to get rid of the solids and then I can still toss them in the wet bag without a problem. These stay dry liners make cloth diapering much easier for me! on 1st Feb 2018

    6. Does what its supposed to :)

      Very happy with these stay dry liners. They do what they're supposed to. So soft, and lightweight so they don't add bulk to my baby's diaper. I use them with the white inserts because it wicks away moisture from my baby's skin and the whole inserts absorbency increases. So I'm very pleased with these. I only have one pack of five at the moment but plan on purchasing another to keep aswell. Currently my baby is breastfed so it doesn't help with poopy diapers right now, but I'm sure it will when his poop changes as he gets older and becomes more solidified. Awesome product Lil' Helper! Y'all continue to amaze me! on 14th Dec 2017

    7. Great addition!

      These liners are the icing on the cake. They are so light and breathable and easy to add to cloth diapers. I was pleasantly surprised they stayed in place too. I like them most for catching poop which rinses out easily. They also help distributing wetness so my little guy isn't soaking just the front of diapers. I really prefer using these with my cloth diapers. Since they are washable and reusable, it continues the mission on making a happier planet. Will certainly be ordering more! on 29th Nov 2017

    8. Great liners, great company

      I bought two packs of the bamboo liners and have loved the extra absorbency without the added bulk (though, let’s be real, those fluffy cloth diaper bums are adorable!). The liners came quickly with a hand-written thank you card and some tea bags. I will be recommending Lil Helper Diapers to any cloth diapering friend I come across! Keep up the good work, providing great products from a company I’m proud to purchase from! on 7th Nov 2017

    9. Great improvement on a great product

      We've been diapering our DS in lil helper products since he was born, using the the bamboo stay dry liners as a little extra absorbency. A problem we would often have, however, is that the liners would start to fray after a few washes. This has been fixed in these new liners (which we purchased to replace the others after they were no longer usable). Great job guys! on 27th Sep 2017

    10. Great for Nappy rash

      I tried these, hoping that they would help minimise nappy rash, and they work great!
      My baby's nappy rash has completely cleared up, his skin isn't constantly slightly red, and I definitely notice that he is a lot dryer each time I change him.
      These are great and also a great price! I will definitely be buying some more.

      on 29th Jul 2016

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