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Charcoal Cloth Diaper

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    To remedy a diaper rash, pediatricians recommend to air-out your child's bum and to keep it dry. Our Charcoal fabric keeps your baby feeling completely even after a full-night of use. This stay-dry ability makes Lil Helper's Charcoal Cloth Diaper ideal for use during a diaper rash and preventing further breakouts. Most parents use it as a nap or night-time diaper.

    The Mayo Clinic says that: “diaper rash is commonly linked to continuously wet or infrequently changed diapers, diarrhea, and using plastic pants to cover diapers.”

    All of these issues surrounding irritant diaper dermatitis (IDD) or diaper rash can be prevented by using our Charcoal Cloth Diaper. Here's how:

    Keep Your Baby Feeling Dry: The charcoal inserts can hold more than 180 ml of liquid and the great part is that your child still feel's dry. Keeping your child’s skin dry is the best way to remedy diaper rashes- charcoal's wicking ability let’s you do just that.
    Let’s You Air-Out Your Baby: Most pediatricians suggest that it is best to let your baby go commando or without a diaper to remedy a diaper rash. Our Charcoal Cloth diaper is the next-best-thing to this.
    Rash Creams Not Necessary: Rash prevention creams are supposed to create a water-barrier to keep your baby’s skin dry. But before application if your baby's skin is not thoroughly dry you could worsen the rash by trapping moisture on your child’s bum. You do not need any rash cream while using our charcoal cloth diapers. Our materials will keep your baby dry and well ventilated without subjecting your child's delicate skin to additional chemicals.








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    1. Love them!!!

      I have been using the two Lil Helper Diapers I got for two weeks now and I LOVE them! No leaks! I have tried several other diapers on my son for night time and they all leaked, not so with Lil Helper Diapers. No leaks! So wonderful! I will be ordering more! I can't say enough about this company and the customer service! Love the them! I would highly recommend Lil Helper. Search no more! on 14th Apr 2016

    2. A New Favorite!

      I'm generally a fan of pockets and bamboo terry, but I heard great things on Fluff Love and saw an offer that I couldn't pass up. Turns out, I love them! The inners are super easy to snap, absorbant enough to last overnight, and trim enough for day-wear. All I'm asking for now is an expanded print selection. on 1st Apr 2016

    3. obsessed with lilhelpers!

      I wish I would've known about lil helpers when I first started cloth diapering! They are so soft, so cute, so absorbent and so easy to use! I want to replace all of my pocket diapers with lil helpers! I can't wait to order more! on 29th Mar 2016

    4. Lil Helper - Amazing

      Lil' Helper diapers are my favorite diapers out of the variety I own. I have 5 of them. The best feature is the convienence of it being an AI2. Snap in inserts are so easy - and I love you can use the covers with two sets of inserts before throwing in the laundry. The inserts (both the charcoal bamboo and regular bamboo) are very absorbent. I can have it on for around 3 hours before needing a switch out. I can see these being great for overnight use for light or moderate wetters (my daughter is a heavy wetter and needs the overnight inserts!) And although there are other AI2 brands, Lil' Helper is a game changer in the industry: this is the ONLY company known to have the God Forbid guarantee, and one of the very few with the Baby Do Good program, which are two reasons to support Lil' Helper themselves. I love this company - morals and products! on 26th Feb 2016

    5. love these diapers!

      I had heard good things about these diapers so thought I'd give them a try. The majority of my diapers are AIO so I wasn't sure that I would like these since they're a different style. I LOVE them! They're so easy to use, incredibly absorbent, no leaks and because of their style they dry faster than my Aio's. We use these as nighttime diapers and I love that they're not so bulky. I can't wait to get my hands on some more! on 21st Jan 2016

    6. I am not very experienced yet but...

      I am a new first time mom and new to cloth diapers. I haven't branched out very far with my diaper brands yet, but honestly, I think I could have easily done well with just a stash of Lil helper diapers. My darling girl has only worn them three times, but she hasn't leaked a single time. I try to change her at least every 2 hours but last night I let her go 3 (much longer than I let her go with her other diapers) before she woke to eat and was changed. These diapers feel like they could last even longer. I didn't have any issues so I can't really rate customer service on that, but I did get emails regarding care and a hand written Thank You note so that alone speaks a lot to me. I really want more of these diapers and I hope I am in a position to get more really soon! on 7th Jan 2016

    7. love!

      First of all, this company is amazing. Customer service is the best around. I bought after seeing great customer service reviews mostly.
      Diapers are great quality, inserts (I got bamboo) are super aborbant and soft against skin.
      The are one size, but compared to my other brands of one size (Alva baby and famicheer) they run a bit smaller. They are shorter on the rise mostly. The width around is pretty close to the others though.
      Can't wait for more prints to be added to the line as I will be purchasing more when it's time for baby number two!
      on 25th Dec 2015

    8. These are our favorite diapers!

      We have quite a few brands in our stash, but LilHelper Charcoal diapers are our favorite! We never have leaks with them and its easy to get a fit on my son's skinny legs! The charcoal inserts wick moisture away quickly so rashes aren't even an issue here. on 23rd Aug 2015

    9. Unbelievably awesome

      I bought these diapers for my second child, having wanted to cloth diaper to save some money (and the environment) this time around. We've been using cloth diapers for a month now and hands down these are my favorite of all the different types and brands we've tried. My little girl has skinny legs, but carries most of her weight in her tummy, so I had a hard time getting anything to fit her, even newborn sized diapers- anything that was good around her legs made things too tight around her stomach, so we had a few leaks. I didn't even attempt any of our one size diapers.

      And then I remembered that Lil Helpers had posted a video showing a different way to get their diapers to fit on smaller babies. Oh. my. glob. This was a game changer- now we have diapers that really do fit and really do contain everything. Yesterday came the big test- my infant had one of those epic poopsplosions that nothing- not pampers, not my newborn covers- nothing would have contained. Except somehow Lil Helpers did so and admirably (once the diaper was off, unfortunately were all bets as well), but these diapers kicked butt.

      I love the charcoal diapers as they are not only super easy to clean with lightening fast dry time, but they also are super absorbent to keep my baby's lil butt dry, even at night. I just wish I used them sooner!
      on 20th Jul 2015

    10. So love this diaper

      We LOVE this diaper!!!! It is our go to for long road trips and nighttime! Holds everything in, we haven't had a leak issue with this diaper. The fit is great and not at all bulky! Would recommend this diaper to anyone!!!!! on 22nd Jun 2015

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