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    If you’ve ever ordered from Lil Helper, you know we are all about the surprises. Every order is packed with something a lil extra special. So it should come as no surprise (har har) that one of our favourite promotions to run are the aptly named - SURPRISE PACKS! Do you love surprises too? Read on, friend! 

    In Short:
    You can get 1 SURPRISE PACK containing 6 Charcoal Diapers (At least 4 PRINTS + 1-2 SOLIDS) + Surprise Gift + 1 out of 5 packs will have ANOTHER surprise gift + FREE SHIPPING (Retails: $150-200) for $99. But wait, there’s more! Earn $15 back in store credit if you do 2 of 3 favours for us - post a review on Facebook, Google or Youtube!

    Q. Are these the new higher rise diapers or the older style?
    These diapers are the older style diapers with a difference in 1 inch rise. For most of our customers, these diapers have fit babies from birth to potty training without issue. Please see the youtube video above for more details. 


    Q. Who is eligible to get a pack?
    EVERYONE! Last time we did this surprise pack promo, we only opened it up to existing Lil Helper customers. This time around, we’ll do it for a short amount of time but open to new customers as well. (Are you a new customer? Here’s why you’re making the right choice choosing Lil Helper.)

    Q. How many packs can I get?
    As many as your wonderful heart desires. 

    Q. What can I expect in the SURPRISE pack?
    6 Charcoal Diapers (At least 4 PRINTS + 1-2 SOLIDS) + Surprise Gift + 1 out of 5 packs will have ANOTHER surprise gift + FREE SHIPPING (Retails: $150-200). You can also earn $15 back in store credit if you do 2 of 3 favours for us - post a review on Facebook, Google or Youtube!

    Q. What’s this about favours, you crazy man?
    So you can get $15 in store credit back if you post a review on 2 of 3 places:
    1. YouTube: Make an unboxing video of the package or a review of the diapers and your experience dealing with Lil Helper. It doesn’t matter if your review is good or bad. We want your honest opinion.
    2. Facebook: Leave an honest review on our Facebook page. 
    3. Google: What’s a google review? See the infographic above for more info. Basically, just google “Lil Helper Diapers” and look for the “Write a Review” button. Easy as pie!

    Q. Can I choose which print or colour I can get?
    Hey, rule breaker- it’s a surprise. Even we don’t know what you’ll get.
    You cannot swap/exchange/return anything after you receive the package. We are basically expecting you to claim your $15 back so you can end up saving oodles of cash on the diapers. Our amazing warranty and support is still valid.

    Q. What if I don’t want to do any of these amazingly simple things to earn $15?
    Bummer :( 
    As much as we would love to take your money, we don't want you to get the surprise pack if you don't intend to do us those favours.

    Q. How do I get my cash or store credit?
    Once you do 2 of the 3 reviews, all you need to do is go here enter the links of your videos and reviews and one of the minions at Lil Helper will give you $15 credit on your LH account.

    Q. This is the easiest cash I have ever made! Are you high?
    Yes and Yes…. I mean maybe. Maybe No. Let me ask my wife what was in the coffee she poured me this morning…
    I know what you think- we’ve lost our mind. But we’ve done this promotion before and had a lot of fun. Think of it as spring cleaning… in the fall. 

    Q. What if I cannot do you the 2 favours in the 14 day period after receiving the surprise package?
    Just the thought of it breaks my heart. I want you to really know that we want you to earn the store credit back from us.
    But we understand if life comes between you and Lil Helper and you might need some more time with the diapers to leave an honest review. So just email me at and we will figure out something.

    Q. I don’t have any active accounts on FB, YouTube or any other social media, can I still get the surprise package?
    You can but then we won’t be able to give you the rewards :)
    We have a few other deals available that you might be interested in.

    Q. How do I trust that you will actually follow through with your end of the bargain?
    My cell phone number is 647-885-4642, email is and I live at:
    45 Aksel Rinck Dr.
    Markham ON
    L6C 0W7
    If you are planning to visit, let me know so I can wear pants or else you will have to see me in my boxers and an undershirt. 

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    1. Fantastic pack opportunity

      Absolutely love this opportunity to get multiple items, diapers in one pack. Especially when first getting started. The products are in my opinion very well made and thought out. I love opening the box and seeing all the little goodies included. It would be silly to not take advantage of this great offer! on 22nd Dec 2016

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