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    If you have never tried a Lil Helper Diaper before, this deal is for you! You get 1 or 2 Charcoal Diapers (w/inserts) + FREE SHIP. The trial diapers are the best way to touch and feel our products and see if we are right for you.


    You: So what do I get in the trial kit?
    Me:  1 Charcoal Cloth Diaper! Since charcoal is stay dry it works great as a night time diaper or when your baby has a rash or generally sensitive skin. All our cloth diapers come with 2 inserts each and the outer shell is a one-size waterproof cover that will fit your baby from birth till they are potty trained. The retail price for the 1 charcoal diaper is $30.95, but in this limited time offer you get it for $12.95 + FREE SHIPPING. Or you can get 2 charcoal diapers for 24.95 + FREE SHIPPING- regularly 2 diapers would sell for $55.90 total 
    This is how you will react when you open your first Lil Helper package.

    You:Wow, great offer, I have been a long time customer of yours and I would love to add a colour or 2 to my stash?

    Sorry. This limited time trial offer is only for 1st time customers who've never tried a Lil Helper Cloth Diaper. If you have used a Lil Helper cloth diaper before, you can attest to the fact that it is a quality product, backed by passionate customer service and you shouldn't have a problem getting one of the other bundles. This offer is specifically for the folks who are on the fence about Lil Helper as a company and not sure what to expect from the product.

    You: May I buy some for my family or friends?
    Sorry, this offer is for personal use only. You can certainly invite your friends and family to avail of this fab offer but cannot buy for them as gifts. The Shipping & Billing Address needs to be the same or we will cancel the order and refund your money.

    You:58% off?? For your premium cloth diapers that everyone raves about?? I am going to buy my whole stash!!
    Me:   Hold on now.
    You can only buy 1 diaper at 58% off or 2 cloth diapers at 55% off, as is indicated in the selection menu above. 

    You:What the %^&*? Why wouldn't you let us buy more diapers at this insane price?
    Me:   Precisely that- because it is kinda crazy. We are losing money even letting you buy these diapers. But we want you to try our amazing diapers first-hand so you know why Lil Helper Cloth Diapers are the best in the market.

    You:Great offer! I will come by next month to buy a diaper.
    WAIT! This is a limited time offer and we will pull the plug on this offer at any point. It is an experiment on our end. So it's now or never.

    You: Tell me, what's the catch, I am tired and I feel like the great deal on this premium charcoal cloth diaper is too good to be true.
    Me:   Seriously, no catch. All we want is for you to try a Lil Helper Cloth Diaper with little to no risk, so you yourself can experience why our customers LOVE us so much.

    You: So you are doing the old drug dealer trick, ha? The first hit is on the house but then we pay full price the next time around, right?
    Me:   Yes! You got it.

    You:So if I pick-up anything else from your store, will it still be free shipping?
    Me:I am sorry, no. We charge $5.99 for all orders under $29. Orders above $29 ship free. If you are an international buyer, place your order and we will get you an awesome shipping rate.

    You:Thank you for having this awesome deal! It will make me comfortable ordering my entire stash from Lil Helper once I try out your diaper. Thanks!

    This is my reaction each time a customer of leaves us a YouTube review.
    So please, please leave us a review once you try our diaper.

    You: One last question: what if I don't like my trial diapers? I can send them back, right?
    Me:  What? Not like our diapers? How could that be? IMPOSSIBLE! But please note: there are no refunds on trial diapers. That's why they are trial diapers, to see if it works for you. If you are having issues with your trial diapers (fit, leaks, snapping and so on) why not call or email us and we'll do whatever we can to help you out! We're always around somewhere: or 1-877-2-877-930. 




















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    1. Love these diapers!

      I'm going to be sure to tell all my cloth diapering mamas about the awesomeness of Lil Helper diapers! Super absorbant and they fit so well! Thank you for making amazing diapers!!! on 12th Mar 2018

    2. compared to the old fit, this diaper is amazing!

      The old fit did not fit my boy well even though I wanted to love them. I got the chance to try one of the new fit diapers and it is AMAZING, so soft (as was the older style), they wash well and fit on my 22lb 30inch 1 year old so well! Will definitely be purchasing more! Such great customer service too, Mohammed really cares about our happiness with the diapers and all correspondence with the company I have had was great! on 23rd Feb 2018

    3. best diapers

      I love them I only bought 2 and I am trying to sell all my diapers before baby comes so I could purchase more on 14th Feb 2018

    4. excellent diapers

      We bought these diapers to add to our stash and to see if I could find the magic diaper for our super wetter. She is the youngest of five, and she pees more than all of them put together!
      To say these diapers are soft would be an understatement! My baby is 4 months and almost 14lbs. They fit her perfectly snapped down once. They are light weight and have a nice easy stretch to them. I LOVED the service I received, I loved the hand written note, and goodies as well. Although they didn't work for us throughout the night they have been a fantastic daytime diaper for us. I also love that they aren't extremely bulky. To rate someone a 5 would mean that they would be perfect on all accounts. This diaper is dang well near perfect. So I'm giving it a 4
      on 7th Feb 2018

    5. Softest diaper ever!

      These diapers are really awesome. They are amazingly soft, wash up well, fit well, and have some of the cutest patterns. I definitely want more of these in my stash! on 2nd Feb 2018

    6. SOOO SOFT

      I love these! I'm usually more of a "prefolds and covers" type when it comes to cloth, but I needed something a little more absorbent for night time for my supersoaker son. A mom in my cloth diaper circle on Facebook recommended these.

      They are so flipping soft. Inside and out. Even my hubby was impressed (and he's more of a "functional" kinda guy, so softness doesn't usually register with him). I love how easy the inserts snap in and out, and holy cow are they absorbent! I've yet to have a leak!

      Just for the sake of economizing, I'll probably stick with using these only for night time, but since I've got another little fella on the way, I'll need at least double what I have now (2 in diapers at once. Oh, joy.) So I'll more than likely be picking up another 3 or 4 down the road to make sharing easier.

      And I will DEFINITELY be recommending them. :)
      on 1st Feb 2018

    7. Best Diapers I've Ever Used!!!

      These diapers are amazing! I will definitely be buying more!!! on 31st Jan 2018

    8. I like it, but I have to wait to use it since is to big for my babyborn

      Overall I like it. I’m planning to use it a lot. The only thing, I ordered a girly diaper and I got the boy’s on 26th Jan 2018

    9. Great product, excellent service

      I am very happy with the diapers I received. They really absorb so much and I don't have to worry about leaks. Product care is very easy and the customer service I received was excellent. They really value each customer and even sent a handwritten note with some goodies. My baby doesn't break out from these diapers and the options for absorption were great. These diapers are also so soft. I would recommend Lil Helper to my friends. I bought them to help build my stash and to try another brand. I was not disappointed and will order more in the future. on 19th Jan 2018

    10. Excellent Quality!

      I currently have a few other brands, which have worked fine, but the quality of lil helper diapers doesn't compare to the ones I have now. lil helper diapers, in my opinion, are better quality, clean easier and dry faster. on 18th Jan 2018

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