Washing and Drying Instructions

Although we've made a snazzy graphic, we'll include the text as well below.


Q. How do I wash my lil helper diapers on a daily basis? or What are your washing instructions?

A. Please make sure any solid "stuff" is already out of the diapers and liners before you throw it in the washer.

  • Pre-wash the diapers in cold water.
  • Warm wash with 1/4 to 1/2 of the recommended detergent. Use as little detergent as you can. While washing diapers, soap is not your friend.
  • Cold rinse again to make sure all detergent is out of your diapers.


Q. How can I dry lil helper cloth diapers after washing? or Is it advised to heat dry lil helper cloth diapers in the dryer after washing?

Short Answer:

  • Line or hang dry the diaper shells and covers when possible because we love the environment and do want to pay extra electricity bills.
  • Liners can be heat or tumble dried but at a low to medium heat setting.
  • Diaper covers or diaper shells should not be put in the dryer, if possible.
  • When diaper cover or diaper shells are put in the dryer, do so at low heat.
  • If both liners and diaper shell (diaper covers) are put in together to be dryer remove the diaper shells in 10-20 minutes as they dry out far more quickly.