Diaper Inserts

  • Charcoal Insert Set
    Charcoal Insert Set $9.95
    The Nitty Gritty:Our charcoal inserts can hold upwards of 180 ml of moisture and still feel dry.The ideal choice for an overnight or napping diaper insert and/or to prevent/heal diaper rashes. The dark colour hides stains...
  • Bamboo Insert Set
    Bamboo Insert Set $8.95
    Organic Bamboo Liners are soft and light- just like fluffy marshmallows. This a great lightweight liner that can still absorb a lot. Good for hot days. Avoid diaper rashes with natural materials. Fits all other Lil...
  • Overnight Cloth Diaper Insert
    Overnight Cloth Diaper Insert $15.95 $10.95
      I am very excited to introduce my new self-help book "How to sleep train your baby in 452 easy steps. One dad's journey from party animal to partLy animal." Upon printing a small batch (100,000 books) of my...
  • Bamboo Stay Dry Liners
    Bamboo Stay Dry Liners $4.95
    The joy you get from using cloth diapers and saving thousands of dollars is slightly lessened when you have to scrub poop off a cloth insert before throwing it in the washer. Thank goodness you have the services of 2...
  • Boosters
    Boosters $8.95
    Here's what's included: 2 in a pack Add to your Lil Helper or any other cloth or disposable diaper for extra absorbency. 4 layers: Absorbent,Soft Bamboo Terry + 2 Layers of hidden microfiber + wicking bamboo-poly...
  • Flushable Liners (100 pcs.)
    Flushable Liners (100 pcs.) $13.95 $11.95
  • Large Change Mat Deal
    Large Change Mat Deal $67.84 $39.95
    We usually just sell our Large Charcoal Change Mat for $39.95, our Zipper Wetbag for 9.95, and a burp cloth for $11.95 and another $5.99 for shipping. #nofun But for a limited time you can have the Essentials Trio,...