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Charcoal Cloth Diaper

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    To remedy a diaper rash, pediatricians recommend to air-out your child's bum and to keep it dry. Our Charcoal fabric keeps your baby feeling completely even after a full-night of use. This stay-dry ability makes Lil Helper's Charcoal Cloth Diaper ideal for use during a diaper rash and preventing further breakouts. Most parents use it as a nap or night-time diaper.

    The Mayo Clinic says that: “diaper rash is commonly linked to continuously wet or infrequently changed diapers, diarrhea, and using plastic pants to cover diapers.”

    All of these issues surrounding irritant diaper dermatitis (IDD) or diaper rash can be prevented by using our Charcoal Cloth Diaper. Here's how:

    Keep Your Baby Feeling Dry: The charcoal inserts can hold more than 180 ml of liquid and the great part is that your child still feel's dry. Keeping your child’s skin dry is the best way to remedy diaper rashes- charcoal's wicking ability let’s you do just that.
    Let’s You Air-Out Your Baby: Most pediatricians suggest that it is best to let your baby go commando or without a diaper to remedy a diaper rash. Our Charcoal Cloth diaper is the next-best-thing to this.
    Rash Creams Not Necessary: Rash prevention creams are supposed to create a water-barrier to keep your baby’s skin dry. But before application if your baby's skin is not thoroughly dry you could worsen the rash by trapping moisture on your child’s bum. You do not need any rash cream while using our charcoal cloth diapers. Our materials will keep your baby dry and well ventilated without subjecting your child's delicate skin to additional chemicals.








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    1. New size and colors are awesome!

      The new sized diapers are a perfect fit for our little one! We also love the new colors!! The inserts are so soft and fluffy, with super great absorbency!! We love Lil Helper Diapers! on 11th Dec 2017

    2. Gold Medal poop catchers

      These diapers are awesome! The elastic fits around my chunky thighed baby without leaving marks. They contain explosive newborn poops completely, and the charcoal inserts are amazingly soft and absorbant. Lil Helper customer service in unmatched. Easy to see why so many people are in love with these diapers. on 15th Nov 2017

    3. love these diapers!

      I love how these diapers fit! My baby has super chunky thighs so I just leave 1 of the snaps unsnapped(maybe its called the hip snap?) and it fits great and when she starts to slim down ill be able to snap the other snap and they will fit great again! The customer service is way better than amazing! I love everything about Lil Helper! on 29th Oct 2017

    4. I wish I found this sooner.

      This might be the longest review ever but I have to tell the world, so here goes it...

      I live in the UK and had done hours and sleepless nights researching cloth nappies for my son's super sensitive eczema prone skin. I've bought so many different brands and thought I found a great nappy. But then... I saw a video about Lil helper on youtube and thought we have to try it. So I purchased 1 and OMG!!! It's amazing.
      Lil Helper nappies are super soft (perfect for my son's skin) finished to a high standard, really absorbant and dry super fast (I don't know why or how because nappies that are really absorbent take years to dry). Living in the UK and without a dryer these nappies are ideal. I use my 1 nappy everyday and I love them so much. Just trying to convince hubby that we need theses nappies (since I've spent a fortune on other brands) and we'll be using these nappies exclusively.

      Long story short... 5* I honestly can't fault these nappies.
      on 4th Oct 2017

    5. So. Soft.

      I love these diapers. Not only are they the softest cloth diapers I've found so far, they air dry quicker than other cloth diapers I've tried. on 25th Sep 2017

    6. So far, so good

      I've used this diaper a few times only, but so far we've had no leaks. I've used it with both inserts and once with just the large one.

      The fit is pretty trim, which is nice and the print is fantastic (Bearded Sailors).

      I will say that the first time I used it I had trouble getting the fit right. We had a bit of booty poking out haha. But the next time I made sure to start with the back up higher and it seemed to fit better.
      on 22nd May 2017

    7. First Grandchild

      My son and daughter-in-law love these diapers.
      They are first time parents and are firm believers in doing their part to save the environment.
      Also, they had to use disposables for a short period of time due to the umbilical cord and they really felt that my grandson's skin reacted to the disposable. They were thrilled to get back to using the Lil Helpers.
      I have to admit, I have only changed him one time but if they are sold on the charcoal cloth diapers, so am I.
      Thanks so much.
      on 18th May 2017

    8. love them

      I Love these diapers so much, the fit awesome, easy for everyone in my house hold to use, they wash and dry very well and never leave any red marks. I gave them 4 stars because of two minor things.
      1. i think the fabric changed, the inside lining and inserts are not as soft as my other set. After I washed and dry my most recent set of inserts they seam more matted down vs my other set.
      2. the snaps are very durable compared to the fabric, maybe too much. I'm worried about ripping my fabric around the snap in time, even though I try to be careful when unsnapping.
      on 28th Apr 2017

    9. So Worth It!

      I was hesitant about cloth diapering but knew there were so many positives to it. I researched tons of brands and the customer service with Lil Helper made them stand out over every other brand so I purchased the Day Pack during my third trimester planning to try to muster up the courage to try cloth at home. I was so nervous about it that I didn't start using the cloth diapers until my little one was 3 months old. By the second day using our Lil Helper charcoal diapers, both my husband and I wished we had started sooner. They are SO soft and so easy to use! Also we already do baby's laundry regularly, so we haven't noticed it impacting our weekly routine very much. They are totally worth every penny for the customer service alone, but the quality and money saved by switching to Lil Helper diapers has completely converted us. We spent over $200 on disposables in the first 3 months and we can't wait to use up our last box so we can switch 100% to Lil Helper! on 18th Apr 2017

    10. great diapers!

      Absolutely love lil helper diapers! Always my first pick out of my stash cause of the great fit but i do wish for more prints/solids. I have an extremely heavy wetter so he leaks through them pretty fast, so maybe if they had a water poof inside would be great or thicker inserts. Over all i love the diapers and will continue to buy more! (: on 5th Feb 2017

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