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    We usually just sell our Large Wetbag for $24.95, our Zipper Wetbag for 9.95, and a bandana bib for $5.99 and potentially another $5.99 for shipping. #nofun

    But for a limited time you can have the Wetbag Bundle, consisting of a Large Wetbag (color of your choice) + 1 Zipper Wetbag (color/print of your choice), and a bandana bib (print of your choice) including FREE SHIPPING in the US for $29.95 !!!! 


    Click here to read the deets ===>>> Lil Helper's Large Wetbag

    Here's a video of our Large Wetbag:

    Here's a Video of our Reversible Bandana Bib:

    Look, accidents happen. If they didn't, we wouldn't be in business. So it's about preventing mistakes where you can, and dealing with them where you can't. So if you have a child, there are going to be 'accidents'. Big smelly, messy, sticky, don't-read-this-while-eating-lunch accidents. The household equivalent of nuclear waste. You need to keep it confined and contained, and there can't even be a chance of leakage or you'll be faced with a cherNOPEyl. In fact, whatever device holds these little nuggets of terror might be the most important device in your house. 

    That's why we at Lil Helper are proud to present the large wetbag! The perfect diaper bag for you and yours!

    Q: So it's like the regular wetbag, but... bigger?
    A: Essentially. And it has a drawstring instead of a zipper. Isn't this normally where you ask a bunch of questions about what it does? 

    Q: I mean, it's a diaper bag. I think I understand the core concept. When you have a dirty diaper, you put it in the wetbag so it doesn't leak anywhere. Diaper bag.
    A: Right. Except this one is reeeeeeeally big. Like, holding 15-20 diapers big. So you won't have to do laundry every day, you can do it weekly and still never worry about what all of those dirty diapers are doing while you wait. Simply put them in our largest wetbag yet! So no more questions? Great! I'll grab lunch and...

    Q: Hoooooold on, I'm not done with you yet. How do I know this won't leak?
    A: Well, like a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, a wet bag is only as strong as its weakest corner. That's why we spent days figuring out how to make the strongest corners in the industry! We have double stitched, two ply corners to ensure that nothing, and I mean nothing, can possibly get through. We turned the weakest part of any bag into the strongest!

    Q: You know, I have noticed that it's the corners that leak first. Cool. What else?
    A: The other weak point that is a constant concern on other, lesser bags is the stitching. Under the constant stress and tension that these bags go through, the stitches can often rip over time. But our stitches are elastic. Like the willow tree, they bend and stretch under pressure, but are always left standing.

    Q: Hey, that sounds pretty awesome!
    A: Yep! Anything else?

    Q: Heh, no, you can go to the stock descriptions now.
    A: Yay! 

    It’s the Lil Helper large wetbag:

    Waterproof Material: Our wet bag is made of the same resilient, waterproof PUL that is used for our PUL cloth diapers. When we say waterproof, we essentially mean that the bag won't leak if you happen to put in diapers that are "moisture laden".
    Secure Construction: All our wetbags are double stitched to prevent leaks- a feature available in no other wetbag on the market. The bottom of the bag is continuous fabric and the top is a zip- also preventing leaks.
    Convenient & Multi-Use: The bag is big enough to store 15-20 diapers, ideal being on the move or daycare use.

    And of course, all of this comes with the our legendary customer support where emails are answered within minutes and you always have the option to call in with questions.

    Cloth diapering, like any new thing you try, has a learning curve but our diapers are designed to be intuitive mixed with our over-zealous customer service, you will never be in want of answers.

    Think we are kidding? Here’s the cell number of Lil Helper’s CEO, Mohammed, 647-885-4642. Ask him why you should get his diapers. Don’t worry about the time- just call. Now try that with any other company.

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    1. Cute AND functional??

      Great price and soooooo cute. Oh, and they work too, I guess that’s important. My whole stash will be Lil Helpers! on 17th May 2019

    2. Great Deal

      Great deal! Love the large wet bag! Wish I had at least one more! Great for dirty diapers, but also great for laundry, etc! on 13th May 2019

    3. amazing deal!!

      Ok so seriously these have replaced all of the other wet bags that I owned. They are the perfect size and also fit perfectly in the diaper pail I have. Having two kids in diapers, fluff laundry tends to add up quickly, these wet bags hold up well to that. Not to mention the prints are absolutely cute and the customer service is amazing!! on 29th Mar 2019

    4. Life saver!

      First it is an amazing sale!
      The large wet bag has been a lifesaver in our diaper pail. Until we bought a LilHelpers one we had been using a couple other ones, they would always leak and leave moisture at the bottom of the diaper pail! Now when we do fluff laundry NO moisture in the bottom of the diaper pail!
      The small wet bag we use as a back up in case of an emergency.
      The bandanna bibs are amazing for teething drool!
      on 16th Oct 2018

    5. Great product!

      I so love the large wet/dry bag! It is big enough that you can put lots of diapers and inserts/flats/fst in it. I also love the small wet/dry bag and the bib came along with this. Great deal! on 10th Aug 2018

    6. Amazing Products

      I just received a package from Lilhelper for the third time and, as always, My daughter and I are really excited to try our new diapers !!! �� They’re probably the only company I know who put that much attention to their costumers. Besides the diapers and the inserts I ordered, I got a bunch of nice gifts and treats. How thoughtful �� on 13th Feb 2018

    7. Excellent Customer Service!

      I found out about Lil Helper Diapers through a friend of mine who swears by them. I am blown away by the level of customer service they've provided. A hand written card, a creative letter and a bunch of freebie items came with my order. The diapers themselves are gorgeous, so many fun colours and patterns! Can't wait to use them when our baby arrives next month � on 13th Feb 2018


      Got my 1st order in from Lil Helpers, and am TOTALLY impressed!!! (And I don't usually say that.) The little details and customer care are amazing! A personal, hand-written card, little samples, and amazing feeling diapers too! So far no leaking at all!!!! The quality is great! I highly recommend and hope to order more myself very very soon! on 13th Feb 2018

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