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Lil Helper Quick Starter Kit - 3 Charcoal Cloth Diapers

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    Get 3 of our premium Charcoal Cloth DIapers (2 Solids, 1 Print) + 1  Bamboo Insert set and 1 Charcoal insert set for 32% off + Free Shipping. Save $27.80 when you pick up this bundle. A good way to start your cloth diapering journey.

     You will be getting 3 of of our Charcoal Cloth Diapers that come with a one-size diaper cover and 2 charcoal inserts each.

    And 1 pack of our Bamboo Inserts.

    You: So what do I get in the quick starter kit?
    Me: 3 Charcoal Cloth Diapers which work great as a night time diaper or when your baby has a rash or sensitive skin. 1 Bamboo Insert that can be your everyday go-to work horse. 1 Charcoal Insert set for that lovely lovely stay dry feel.
    All our diapers come with 2 inserts each and the outer shell is a one-size waterproof cover that will fit your baby from birth till they are potty trained. The retail price for these goodies is $87.75; but in this limited time offer you get it all for $59.95. You basically save 32% on the bundle. A savings of of $27.80 and FREE SHIPPING in the US!

    This is how you will reach when Lil Helper becomes your new fave diaper.

    You: Wow, great offer, can I buy more than 1 QUICK STARTER KIT?

    YES, you may buy as many kits as your pudgy little heart wishes.

    You: May I buy some for my family or friends?

    I wish I had friends like you. Yes, you may absolutely buy these for your friends or family.

    You: 32% off?? For your premium cloth diapers that everyone raves about?? I cannot believe it.
    Me:  I know how you feel. I found a $10 note while walking in the park when I was 12. It was the best day of my life. I am 33 now.

    You: Great offer! I will come by next month.
    WAIT! I am not supposed to tell it to you but this is a limited time offer and we will pull the plug on this offer at any point. So it's now or never.

    You: Tell me, what's the catch, I am tired and I feel like the great deal on the cloth diapers + free shipping is too good to be true.

    Me:  Seriously, no catch. All we want is for you to try Lil Helper Cloth Diapers with little to no risk, so you yourself can experience why our customers LOVE us so much.

    You: How long to ship my cloth diapers?
    Me: We ship almost everyday and your diapers should arrive in 5-7 business days within the US. We send you a tracking number as soon as they leave our warehouse. Please note 'free shipping' does not apply to international orders.

    I am sure this is how you will react when you see the delivery come up to your driveway with our package of cloth diapers.

    You: Thank you for having this awesome deal! And another question, are you as soft, fluffy and georgeous as the diapers you make?

    This is my reaction each time a customer of leaves us a review on our store or Facebook page.
    So please, please leave us a review once you try our diaper.



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    1. These are super easy!

      I’m really happy with these diapers, it’s my first time trying cloth with a newborn and these are working out super great. Changing my daughter is super easy and washing is easy as well. The liners dry faster then other brands and these make me want to stick with cloth diapers for sure. on 17th Oct 2019

    2. so much value!

      I received not just the 3 diapers with 2 inserts but an extra bamboo set of inserts and 2 cloth wipes. The extra chocolate and tea are always appreciated but this pack is a great value! Love love your company! on 11th Feb 2019

    3. Snap system is quicker than pockets and super soft

      I really like the snap system. It is way quicker to put things together than stuffing pockets. I also like the dry feeling of these, which seem to be particularly helpful for sleep and naps. That said, I thought I'd be able to reuse the covers more, but sometimes the fleece feels sweaty when I change her so I end up leaving that cover out to air dry for a while before I reuse it. The inside is soft and the quality of the diaper overall feels really good. on 6th Nov 2018

    4. absorbent and dependable

      I love these cloth diapers! The charcoal inserts never leak for my heavy wetter which is why i purchased more of these. I also love the two layer snaps, it makes the diaper fit around my babies legs really well. I hope lilhelpers will come in velcro form soon as well.

      on 23rd Oct 2018

    5. Wanted to love

      I seriously wanted to absolutely fall in love with these diapers, especially with that adorable new space dino print, but I didn’t. We bought a few trials and a day pack before our little one arrived and I couldn’t wait to use them! We first diapered our baby in Bum Genius Littles because she was quite tiny and it was difficult to get any one size diaper to fit well. We have now been using our Lil Helpers and Bum Genius Freetime diapers for about 6 weeks.

      Our Lil Helpers are adorable, absorbent, and I love company’s overall mission, but they are not my favorite diaper which surprised me. They wash well and dry FAST which is great. The customer service is definitely top notch. And when you buy Lil Helpers you get a sweet surprise as well as some humor included!

      I thought I’d love the convenience of the inserts and the ability to use the same cover throughout the day, but we’re rarely given the opportunity. The PUL on these diapers doesn’t extend into the inside of the diaper which for us has caused a lot of issues with leaking and extra laundry. On one hand I love that it’s just the soft fleece against my baby’s sweet skin, but on the other her Freetimes have maybe a half inch of PUL that extends into the diaper at all edges and she doesn’t seem to mind them one bit. Because she’s small (only 15%) we have to make the diapers as small as possible which creates a bit of bunching at the front and that’s where her leaks are every time because it just wicks straight to her clothes. I’m hoping that once she’s bigger it won’t be an issue because the diaper will lie flatter, but we’ll see.
      on 24th Jul 2018

    6. Happy with my purchase!

      My son was born on Feb 8th and I have started using lilhelper diapers after 4 weeks. With the help of the lilhelper fitting guide, I’ve been having no leaks (using smallest insert). My baby boy seems happy and comfy in these diapers. I’m happy about my purchase and confident that we will be using them until potty training. I clearly recommend lilhelper diapers. It’s a valuable investment. BTW, the customer support is awesome. Thanks lilhelper!!! on 30th Mar 2018

    7. Perfect start to the perfect stash

      Did you get the trial diaper deal & fall in love? Already have a stash of other diapers but realize they can't compare to the awesomeness of Lil Helper diapers? I know the feeling. The Quick Starter kit is the perfect way to build up your Lil Helper stash a little at a time. Vibrant colors, fun gender neutral prints, amazingly absorbant charcoal inserts, and top notch customer service. What more could you ask for from a diaper? on 8th Nov 2017

    8. not your mothers cloth diapers

      I purchased for my daughter who is due to have a baby any day but from what I have seen with these diapers I can hardly wait until our new little one is here and wearing them. on 31st Aug 2017

    9. A solid investment

      I bought a set of BumGenius diapers secondhand and had hardly used them because my daughter kept leaking out. One of my friends recently bought a few Lil Helper diapers and loved them, so I thought I'd give them a try. I've been very happy with the results. Although we've not had them long, the Lil Helper diapers fit my (now 9-month-old) daughter much better and we've not had any leaks. The only thing we're still playing with is ensuring the diaper covers her backside all the way (she is very long), but we're making progress. on 14th Jul 2017

    10. Great product!

      I was skeptical at first on if I would actually mind cleaning and taking care of the cloth diapers. It turns out that taking care of these is really easy! I love that the inserts come right out and everything cleans and dries really quickly. The charcoal liners really soak up the pee and keep the smell in as well. I couldn't be happier investing in little helper diapers! on 6th Sep 2016

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