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    Introducing the  NEW Lil Helper Swim Diaper! 

    Splish splash Mohammed was takin’ a bath and came up with the idea to create a swim diaper! 
     The soft, inner mesh lining is charcoal colour - so no stains! 
     Snug fit ensures that you and your baby are the only ones floating in the pool 
     Adjustable snap settings will allow this diaper to fit your little one from tadpole to leap frog 

    In the pool at home or at the beach this swim diaper is a must have under any swim suit or even on its own! 

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    1. I trust it.

      With 6 months of Lil Helpers catching poop behind us it only made sense to get swim diapers from the same company for Baby's first pool foray. The other ones were so soggy and awkward fitting in the tub it was sad.

      This swim diaper is soft and cute and most importantly does it's job well. Other Mamas in the changing room are always asking about it while they pull soggy disposables off their kids. I put Baby's suit on over the swim diaper (ocean blue diaper with hot pink frilly swimming bottoms...) but I'm sure we will just use the swim diaper as bottoms a bunch as well (Dandy Lions are on their way). Also, Baby is back to the smallest snap settings since there are no inserts - the nostalgia is real.
      on 14th Jul 2018

    2. The ONLY swim diaper that you need!

      I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this swim diaper! Perfect fit and I love that it is adjustable so that I do not have to buy one-size reusable swim diapers every season. Before this swim diaper, I bought 4 of another brand only to use them a few times each before I had to upgrade to a new size. Talk about a waste of money!

      Also, it is PURE GENIUS to design a swim diaper that can be easily un-snapped for quick more having to peel off a snug wet swim diaper (pull up style swim diapers are horrible, especially if baby/toddler has a #2 accident in them. That being said, make sure that you buy at least 2 LilHelper swim diapers).

      on 2nd Jul 2018

    3. Perfect!

      Love this swim diaper! Great quality and grows with your child! No more having to buy a new one every year! on 29th Jun 2018

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