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T-Shirt Wipes (10 pcs.)

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    Behold, the famous T-Shirt Wipes that have been extremely highly requested, now available to purchase AND in a variety of butt-kicking SURPRISE colours that could slay a Minotaur any day. 

    These poop-wipers are 2-ply, 100% cotton t-shirt material. Simply dampen with some warm water, clean up that 3-alarm mess (seriously, when did she even eat corn last, anyway?!), and toss them in with your regular diaper laundry! Zeus himself was so impressed with the design he had to do a double take!! 

    Made humbly in Toronto, CA, these suckers pack a serious punch and wash up like a dream. They just keep getting softer and softer! (Just like your favourite t-shirt in your closet).

    Plus, they keep thousands of pounds of wipes out of landfills and keep more money in your wallets. Sounds like a pretty good deal, eh?

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    1. love love love

      I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to do cloth wipes, but depot take the plunge and see how it would go! I am a sushi happy I did clean up is so easy and usually only take 1 wipe unless she has a super messy poo and then maybe 2. So much less waste and it washes very well. I chose more dark colors because my husband doesn’t like see any stains but honestly I haven’t even had many stains on the white ones we got. Love that some are thick while other are thin so you can use what you need. With the darker color wipes I did have to wash them septa few times because the colors do bleed at first but once I did that and got all the extra color out I’m now able to just use them in my regular wash. Will definitely by more if I need them, but currently there have been holding up very well and I bought enough that they are on a decent rotation. on 25th Dec 2019

    2. Super Soft Wipes!

      I absolutely love these t-shirt wipes, but I use them as mini blankies for my baby (9 months) to nap with instead of a large receiving blanket. I don't worry about him smothering when holding onto this little wipe. He loves rubbing it on his face! They are super soft and come in different textures and colors. on 19th Jun 2019


      These 2-ply t-shirt cloth wipes are the best thing ever! My little guy has recently had to switch to cloth wipes per dermatologist orders. Everybody told me just to buy cheap baby wash cloths but to me they are not sturdy enough. However the little helper t-shirt wipes have been a God-send as I can even clean up the messy diapers with one wipe on 20th May 2019

    4. Made me a Cloth Wipe Believer!

      These are our favorite cloth wipes! After trying these, we officially made the switch from disposable wipes. Never looking back! on 19th Mar 2019

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